World Congress Anti Slavery Office

World Congress Anti Slavery Office

Postby Axxell » Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:41 am

The World Congress Anti Slavery Office (WCASO) is a body of the World Congress which mission is to work to investigate, disrupt and dismantle networks involved in trafficking in persons to eradicate the Slavery, a violation and abuse of human rights and a crime against humanity.

The WCASO was establish with the Security Council's Resolution 25 in 4239 by the Session IX of the Council.

The WCASO consists of 5,000 staff employed by the World Congress. It is led by a High Commissioner appointed by a majority of the Security Council, for a single term not exceeding 20 years.
It is funded through contributions of all Security Council members for the duration of their terms on the Council; 20% per member. A decade long budget will be submitted by the High Commisioner every 10 years detailing the funding required, to be approved by the Security Council.
It has the power to censure any company, person, nation, organisation, body or group which participate, authorise, allow or facilitate the trafficking of humans.
To conduct its activities into a Nation, the WCASO shall work with and alongside the Justice and the Law Enforcement Agencies of the Nation and shall present to its Government a report on the activities conducted.
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Re: World Congress Anti Slavery Office

Postby Axxell » Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:42 am

The first High Commissioner, appointed in January 4240, is Giorgia Pellegrini from Istalia. She was previously the Ambassador to the World Congress of the Istalian Republic.
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Re: World Congress Anti Slavery Office

Postby Axxell » Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:52 am

The first mission of the WCASO, as provided also by the Resolution 25, shall consist into a global inveatigation to find any financial activities related to the Eilomax, the infamous Slavery Company consider as one of the main responsable for the existance of the Slavery into the World and as the organization which benefits more by this violation of the human rights.
Eilomax works everywhere the slavery is allowed but the WCASO fears that Eilomax operates also in many other economies through investments and financial activities, to laund the dirty money gained thanks the slavery and to increase even more its resource.
It is consider as an international criminal organization and WCASO demands to any Nation to cooperate to discover and dimantle the offshore activities of Eilomax to cut as much as possible to resources for the company and to prevent the laundering of the money generate by the Slavery and to find possible cases of hidden slavery in Nations which instead forbid and persecute such activity.
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Re: World Congress Anti Slavery Office

Postby Axxell » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:07 pm

Giorgia Pellegrini, High Commissioner of the WCASO:

This is a list of the Nations which responded positively to the WCASO first investigation and which granted all their cooperation.

The WCASO thanks and would like commend these Nations which have chosen to fight alongside us what personally I consider as the worste and most barbaric violation against the human beings.
I would paste the response received by the Nations contacted to show with Pride how many Nations are ready to fight the Slavery and their passionate condamnation.

Thank you at all.

Greetings High Commissioner

My party takes a hard stance against slavery and we are absolutely zealous in our prosecution foreign criminals. You have the full cooperation of the Office Premier and Ministries of Justice, Defense, and Internal Affairs. I expect my coalition partners will be eager to cooperate your investigations.
We look forward to rooting out the corrupting influence of disgusting internationalist slave traders. In fact we encourage the international community to take back all the garbage polluting glorious Hobrazia.

Sincerest regards,
Office of the Premier
Adnan Milsosevic

The government of the Federal Republic of Likatonia wholeheartedly supports the fight against slavery. And therefore we agree on a joint mission between the Federal Police (of Likatonia) and the World Congress Anti Slavery office, to eradicate slavery in The Federal Republic of Likatonia if found to exist.

The President of the Federal Republic of Likatonia
George Skanderberg.


Our government is willing to help and contribute to a investigation concerning this company.
Our justice department will give you permission to put boots on the ground if needed.

Petrus Stahnke,
Foreign minister of the Republik Dorvik

Baltusia government authorized the WCASO with great pleasure and demanding immetiatly how to contribute.

Dear Mrs. Pellegrini,

It hurts us to think that we are protecting any kind of slavery organization. Selucia actively seeks for illegal activities within its territory, and those who attempt against basic civil rights are punished.

However, we will allow this new office to visit Selucia, to show that we have nothing to hide and that our nation is almost, if not totally free of slavery or illegal activities of this kind.

Sincerely, Philocrates Ramirus,
Minister of Justice of Selucia

High Commissioner,

We grant our full permission. Use any resources of or own that you require to conduct a thorough investigation. We shall stamp out any of their activities.

Alexander Feigenbaum

High Commission Giorgia Pellegrini,

The Luthori Government do give their authorisation to undertake WCASO investigations in our country, through the Foreign Office.


James Stinon
Foreign Secretary

Madam High Commissioner,

Pontesi is committed to enforcing the provisions of Res 25 and fighting slavery and forces of darkness like Eilomax by any means possible. We offer our cooperation unreservedly

Fabius Valerian Gorinius
Grand-Vizier General

Mr. Giorgio Pellegrini

We are very happy that WCASO is taking action against slavery. We will support your action, no matter what will be its costs. We are a party devoted to human rights and we will protect them. We can guarantee the fact that we will make everything possible to prosecute all the persons who have connections with Eilomx. We will allow your organization to investigate Eilomx involvment in Klavia Okeano.

Traian Datisi
PM of Klavia Okeano

Dear Giorgia Pellegrini,

We will allow WCASO to investigate Eilomax Company and will assist WCASO. Currently our Justice Deparment is asking a judge for legal approval to seize Eilomax's holdings in Rutania and infiltrate any offices in Rutania to search for proof. If no proof is found, Rutania will let Eilomax be and pay it 50 million RUT in damages sustained by this investigation.

Terrell Samuels,
Minister of Justice

Commissioner Pellegrini,

The State of Yingdala considers slavery to be an immoral and abhorrent practice. Although it is outlawed in Yingdala, we recognize that there may be instances of domestic, modern-day slavery that we are not aware of. Due to our desire to end all instances of this illegal practice within our borders and abroad, the State of Yingdala will allow and assist in the World Congress Anti Slavery Office's investigation.

Zhao Shuren
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Ma Wenhao
Minister of the Interior

You have come and asked to investigate allegations of covert slavery in Malivia, You are permitted to do so though we are quite certain you won't find anything substantial due to Malivias past dark history of suffering in slavery. You are free to investigate to your hearts content and will have the complete support of all the means the Malivian state possesses.

The Istalian Government is glad to welcome the WCASO and to offer all the cooperation to the investigation.

Ciro Esposito
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dear Giorgia Pellegrini

We are pleased to say that our senate has agreed to your proposal that World Congress Anti Slavery Office (WCASCO) may preform the tasks needed with our law enforcement to end all types of slavery in Solentia!

Frank Quinten
Supreme President of the Solentian Social Republic.

The Egelion Parliament has accepted our proposal and given permission for it to start the investigation of the WCASO.

Http:// ... lid=528981


Eco-Animalist Party
Republic of Egelion

Ma'am High Commissioner of the WCASCO,

Government of the Republic of Talmoria allows your office to conduct investigation on our soil, and also pledges our full cooperation in the matter concerning the investigation. Our Government stand tall against slavery in any form. We'll be more than willing to help.

With High Respect,
signed by
Christopher Whitehope, Prime Minister
Tom Davidson, Minister of Foreign Affair
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Re: World Congress Anti Slavery Office

Postby Axxell » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:19 pm

Giorgia Pellegrini:

After commending the Nations which assured to the WCASO their support and cooperation, saddly I must also report the refusal of some Nations to cooperate with the WCASO.

The Government of Kafuristan refused any cooperation accusing the WCASO to be a travesty that is nothing more then an instrument of the imperialist regimes in Istalia and Luthori to oppress the peoples of Terra.

The Government of Kazulia which declared to firmly believes to be capable of conducting its own investigation into instances of human rights abuses within its own nation.
Then Kazulia proposed to the WCASO to investigate with attentiveness into another Nation believing that in that Nation Eilomax could have investment interests.

The WCASO will contact the third Nation involved about this reporting which however won't be anonymous. The WCASO will accept no responsibility for any possible reactions by part of this third nation, having it the right to know who made the report.

Thank you
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Re: World Congress Anti Slavery Office

Postby Govenor12 » Sat Jul 22, 2017 10:24 am

The government of Beiteynu hereby also underlines that it declares any personnel of the WCASO as personna-non grata. Nevertheless the Wasco can as in any other state under the rule of law ask for investigative help at any court in Beiteynu or the ministry of justice.
I also like to underline that through our bank secrecy act ( ... lid=476636) especially no help in the area of the capital flows of Eilomax my be granted.

Automatic answering machine to the world congress by the government of Beiteynu
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Re: World Congress Anti Slavery Office

Postby Axxell » Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:26 pm

Official Report of the Investigations conducted into the Nations which agreed to cooperate with the WCASO

The investigations revealed Eilomax has huge ammount of money invested in many countries, all the Countries in which the WCASO was welcomed. Furtunately, we can confirm that no institutional or Government entity in any nation was found linked in any way with Eilomax. We discovered that most part of the money comes from a large number of investment companies based in several eastern Dovanian nations and many based also in some western nations: large ammount of money seems coming from Beiteynu, in which the legislation on the banking system grants a very high level of protections for the costumers. In fact we said "seems" because without access to Beiteynu we cannot conduct investigations, crossed checking and so confirm this (we cannot confirm the provenience of the money which arrives in Beiteynu).
However, we identified some key company linked to a little group of dovanian people, obscure exponents of criminal organizations or of degenerate economies linked to authoritarian governments.
We identified also very few persons in the western countries who we found directly linked to Eilomax or to the off-shore dovanian companies. Unfurtunately they are the last and less informed of an international network which operate in the summerged economies of the world. Many nodes of this network are represented by already known criminals and criminal organizations active inside the nations examinated or internationally. But we discovered also some people without legal issue active on the financial markets which was found to have closer relations with Eilomax and that could have known the origins of the money which managed for the Eilomax on money laundery operations.
We have released official reports to the Governments which welcomed the WCASO, with our recommendations to act through their Justices against the involved people, entities and companies.
Soon we will release more detailed info on the investigations.
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Re: World Congress Anti Slavery Office

Postby Axxell » Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:24 am


The WCASO condamn the Federal Republic of Dundorf for such an act and call for the WC to face such barbaric infringiment of the most basic human rights.
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Re: World Congress Anti Slavery Office

Postby Axxell » Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:03 pm

Virginia Olivieri, Istalian Representative to the World Congress:

Recognizing the introduction of pro slavery laws and other infringment of human rights in Dundorf, Istalia is aimed to organize an International Anti-Slavery Conference under the high patronage of the WCASO.
A conference open to any nations and organizations interested to partecipate.

Thank you.
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Re: World Congress Anti Slavery Office

Postby jamescfm » Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:30 pm

Kong Xinyi, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson of the Nationalist Party of Indrala:
While we cannot offer the support of our government, we hope that Indrala will choose to elect the Nationalist Party in the next legislative elections. We are committed to opposing the barbaric practice of slavery and we would support an international embargo on Dundorf.
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