RP TEAM 6- The return of the roles

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RP TEAM 6- The return of the roles

Postby FPC » Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:12 am

Afternoon everyone, hope your having a good day ;-)

Moderation have decided to bring back roles and responsibilities to the RP team, but in a different form. Additionally not everyone needs to have a role, therefore we may appoint more players to the team without a portfolio.

For now the roles within the RP team will be as follows:

CHAIRMAN - Responsible for the general running of the RP team and the delegation of tasks and projects.
GENERAL RP Coordinator - These members will take charge of other projects and work with the rest of the team to ensure no one is struggling. As well as being there to pick up any slack if someone is away from the game for some reason.
ECONOMICS Coordinator - Responsible for coordinating global economic role play and determining the economic characteristics of each nation with the help of other RP team members.
MILITARY Coordinator - Responsible for all military RP and determining the military characteristics of each nation with the help of other RP team members.
CULTURE Coordinator - Tasked with the development of Terran Culture and language, as well as religious affairs.
GLOBAL RESOURCE Coordinator - This member will work to create some interesting resource based RP aswell as creating a comprehensive resource map of Terra.

These roles are not set in stone for all eternity, we will change and adapt them as time goes on. They are also not restrictive, for example the CULTURE member is not restricted only to culture, they are expected to help in all other areas as they do currently, they are just recognised as the person with general responsibility and "leadership" over the culture portfollio.
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