Majatran Alliance Investigative Task Force

Majatran Alliance Investigative Task Force

Postby cm9777 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:04 pm

4 Kalopian Cabinet Members Implicated in Assassination of Deltarian Czar Norbert I Von Thaller

The Majatran Alliance's team of Detectives sent into Kalopia to investigate the Bombings that killed the Deltarian Czar Norbert I Von Thaller has completed their investigation and announced the indictment of the following members of the Kalopian Cabinet.

Minister for Foreign Affairs: Acacia Savas

Minister for Defense: Musa Kongoli

Minister for Internal Affairs: Cala Mali

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport: Alddes Carras

The team of Detectives consisted of nationals of the Majatran Alliance Member States and began their work with the evidence provided by Deltarian Authorities in the aftermath of the attack. Evidence showed that these 3 cabinet ministers were in contact with the attackers 3 weeks before the incident. The method of contact was online via the Deep Web and the mentions of the equipment used as well as the plan for the attack match what occurred in the incident. The motive showcased seems to be to Destabilise the Nation of Deltaria.

The Government of Kalopia is instructed to hand over these 4 cabinet ministers to face trial for their crimes or face further action.
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