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Scandal: Westwheel-Cohen Bank Caught Illegally Funding Cohenist Groups in Alduria

By Jon Jones

Undercover reporter Johnathan Jones posed as a Merzist-Cohenist leader in the nation of Alduria, directly to the south of Mordusia. Cohenism, an ideology believing in socially conservative or even theocratic values while also supporting a proletarian vanguard party, was thought to be really exclusive to Mordusia. They are the largest party in the country and the only party of its kind in the world.

During his time there, he had several individuals approached him from the Westwheel and Cohen families about the possibility of funding the rise of this country, their neighbor, hoping for a ‘Cohenist bloc’ where traditional values rule in a workers nation. Unfortunately for the Westwheels, funding foreign political parties or conspiracy to do so is banned under Mordusian law.

The repercussions of this action are yet to be seen, but it is now clear that the ideals of Cohenism are set to be exported outside of Mordusia.

-The Hosian Worker
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