User with "restraining order" returning

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User with "restraining order" returning

Postby MalasRally » Tue Jun 05, 2018 12:04 pm

Hello. I have previously been in conflict with the player with the username Berke Kabasakal, and after said user followed me as I moved from nation to nation to avoid him for some time, moderation ruled that we were not to play in the same nations in the future. He left the game after a while. I have been playing in the nation of Jakania for a few weeks without issue, but I now see that he has returned to the game (albeit with a different user profile; the reason I know it's him is that his party's Wiki article lists the new formation as a successor to Kabasakal's original party). With the guarantees I was given by moderation in mind, I would like to request that the user is removed from Jakania. I don't mind him playing anywhere else, but am not interested in seeing the conflict reignited.

I would also like to request the removal of the following bill: ... lid=542246, which is one he eerily named after my own username, and just left there. Feel free to remove this post if it goes against regulations on personal information, though I hope you will take the necessary steps and uphold the ruling on Kabasakal. Here is his current user profile:
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Re: User with "restraining order" returning

Postby berke56 » Tue Jun 05, 2018 12:30 pm

Dear Moderation,
Firstly this is not place for one user so i want play in jakania.Why i am responsible for my old actions.I just want a chance.Also everything happend 6 months ago.
I played as secretly these are my other accounts. ... tyid=33487 ... tyid=32844
probaly he don't know beacuse i didn't touch him.I just want play in Jakania.
I never messaged or talked him when i use these accounts.
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Re: User with "restraining order" returning

Postby cm9777 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:03 am

Hey, Apologies for the late reply

@MalasRally This is a rather personal issue and should not be discussed publicly on the forum, game or discord. Concerns should be directed in a PM to Moderation.
Consider this an informal warning to direct your complaints through the proper channels when it is a personal issue.

@berke56 The communication ban was not revoked and you are most certainly responsible for your old actions. If you feel you have changed, you should apologize to Malas and if he is willing to move on, such conditions may be removed. It is not up to you to dictate when certain conditions are removed. You will not be permitted to play in Jakania as long as Malas is there in the current circumstance nor will he be allowed to have a party in the same nation as you. Moderation will only remove these conditions if you both reach some sort of ceasefire which moderation considers acceptable. Subverting a same-nation ban is indeed a serious offense and a direct breach of what Moderation has imposed in this circumstance. Moderation does, however, appreciate your honesty in this matter. Due to the nature of this offense Moderation issues you with a final warning, continuing breach of Moderation requests and of the rules in general, will result in more serious sanctions.

If both of you have anything more to say on this matter, you can PM Moderation on the forums, in game or on discord.

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