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Cultural Protocols Index

Postby Aquinas » Wed Jan 27, 2016 2:57 am

In accordance with the Game Rules, the cultural statuses of the nations are listed below. Players in Culturally Protected nations are bound by section 6 of the rules on culture, whilst players in Culturally Open nations are not.

Culturally Protected

Aldegar: Iranian/Persian
Alduria: French
Aloria: German & Welsh
Badara: Arab
Barmenistan/Barmenia: Jelbic Speaking Turks
Beiteynu: Jewish

Cobura: Esperanto-speaking Byzantine, Coptic Egyptian & Ethiopian
Deltaria: Slavic
Dorvik : German
Dranland: Multicultural Korean, Filipino and Welsh

Dundorf: German
Egelion: Hispanic
Endralon: Hungarian with Croatian minority
Hawu Mumenhes/Ikradon: Ancient Egyptian-speaking African American
Hulstria/Gishoto : Austrian-Japanese mix

Hutori: "Hutorian" (akin to American/Australian/Canadian)
Indrala/Yingdala: Chinese
Istalia/Quanzar: Italian
Jakania: Turkish
Jelbania: Jelbic-speaking Central Asian

Kafuristan: Majority Arab with Chinese, West African & other minorities
Kalistan: California-American with Asian influences
Kalopia/Wantuni Majority Greek with Arab, Albanian and other minorities.
Kazulia : Scandinavian
Kirlawa: Anglo-Celtic and Celtic culture
Klavia Okeanó/Keymon: Greek/Ancient Roman mix

Kundrati: Basque-Roman
Likatonia: American
Lourenne: French (tropical)
Luthori : English
Malivia: Indian and Afro-Caribbean mix
Mordusia : English

New Endralon/Kizenia: Romanian and Hungarian
Rildanor : French
Rutania: English
Saridan: Afrikaner
Sekowo: Japanese

Selucia: Ancient Roman
Trigunia: Russian
Tukarali: Portuguese
Valruzia: Polish
Vanuku: Jelbic and Dutch-speaking mix of Dutch, Mongolian and Arab
Zardugal: Esperanto-speaking Byzantine with Ethiopian minority.

Culturally Open

As can be seen, some of the Culturally Open nations have Nation Descriptions, but these are only advisory and are not enforced. Bear in mind that some of the Culturally Open nations which were once Culturally Protected are linked to old Cultural Protocol bills, but this does mean those Cultural Protocol bills are in force. It it simply that the previous Cultural Protocol bill has been treated as the Nation Description.

For more information on the process by which Culturally Open nations can adopt, change or remove Nation Descriptions, please see the OP to the Nation descriptions in the Cultural Protocols Index thread.

Darnussia: German & Dutch
Cildania: Maltese
Dolgava/Dolgaria: Latvian

Gaduridos: Caribbean-esque Spanish-Italian with Anglo and Chinese influences
Kanjor: French

Pontesi: Armenian with Roman and Jelbic-speaking minorities
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